QUROPE Workshop
Quantum/Classical Control in Quantum Information

Payment/cancellation information

The full board cost (excluding drinks), for the full week, in double occupancy is € 500/person, in single occupancy is € 700
For those coming with a companion a discount can be considered.
There will be a limited number of the single rooms and will be assigned on the first come first served basis.

The workshop fee is fixed at € 150.
Depending on the contribution given by the three IPs (not yet decided), for students there could be a fee’s reduction. Students must present evidence of their status.

The full payment of the fee and accommodation must be settled in EURO by July 15, 2008.

Forms of Payment

  1. European participants only may pay by check. Checks must be drawn on a European bank, in Euro, payable to Comitato QCCQI sent to the address:
    Comitato QCCQI
    Dipartimento di Fisica
    Università di Camerino
    62032 Camerino (Italy).
  2. International money transfer payable in Euro to Comitato QCCQI to se same address.
  3. Telegraphic tranfert payments must be made in Euro.
    Please be aware that your wire transaction may pass through one or more banks before reaching our account. In many instances, the bank(s) deduct a transaction fee. In these instances, when a fee(or fees) has been deducted, the amount deposited in our account reflects the deduction(s). Our bank does NOT deduct transaction fees from the amount received.
  4. The attendee is responsable for any transaction fee.

    Our bank is Banca delle Marche, Via Favorino - 62032 Camerino
    IBAN: IT79 H 06055 68830 000000009942
    c/o Comitato QCCQI with your name


All but € 100 of the full payment received will be returned if a completed registration is canceled prior August 15. No reimbursement will be given for cancellation after that date.
All reimbursement are issued within 3-5 weeks after the workshop. Your reimbursement will be in a form of a check in Euro.

Reimbursements ar issued for overpayments, cancellation and students receiving attendance fee's reduction from the chair of the workshop.